Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1, 2, and 3 weeks old

So the idea was to post these each week. Obviously, that did not happen and I am sure I will be late posting these in the future.

 It's crazy to me how much he has grown and changed from week 2 to 3. 
Channing has been a really good baby. Starting about two weeks he has been fussy from about 
6pm - 1 am. He will start to doze off and start screaming again. We have tried swaddling, white noise, feeding, and pretty much everything else you can think of. These will all work for a short amount of time. Any insight or ideas on how to help him fall asleep would be much appreciated.

He is a super happy baby during the day. I am so thankful he doesn't have the fits like he has been having at night. He almost always wakes up with a smile on his face. 

Some of the things he likes:
~ having his hair washed
~ sleeping on his side. he has done this since birth. no back sleeping for this baby.
~sitting up when he is awake.

~ diaper being changed. This kid would sit in his own filth all day if I would let him.
~ a bath. He likes showers much better
~sleeping by himself. We have managed to get him to sleep in his pack in play for a total of 2 hrs since he has been born.

I am going to try to do better about posting these every week as well as monthly updates on him. I also will be posting my birth story and nursery updates in the near future. :)

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  1. I am so glad you have this site. I love seeing all the pictures. Put some of the nursery. He is a beautiful baby. Love the hair and the eyes!