Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1 month

 In one month you:

-Still are in new born clothes, but some are still big. I figure it will still be awhile before you are wearing 0-3 months.

- you eat on average every 2 hours and 30 min

- you take 2-3 hour naps

- You longest stretch of sleep at night is 4 - 5 hours

- you love your swing 

- you are focusing alot more on objects

Baby Boy,

It has been one month since you entered into our lives. It really seems like just yesterday. If one month has went this fast I hate to think how fast the rest will go. You have grown so much and we are already seeing your personality.  When you want to eat there is no waiting. Your little temper comes out the most during this time. I love seeing you waking up with a smile on your face. It absolutely melts my heart. As much as I don't want you to grow up, I can't wait for when your smiling all the time. You love showers so much you actually fell asleep in your daddy's arms while showering.

We love you so so much. You are our most prized possession and have made our lives so much brighter. When I wake up and see your sweet face, my day couldn't get any better. You are such an amazing baby and I feel so honored to be your momma.  

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