Sunday, February 10, 2013

39 weeks last baby bump post

This will be my last baby bump post. Kinda sad, but exciting!!! I will be induced tonight (9 pm MST) so hopefully Channing will be here sometime tomorrow. 

How far along? 3 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain:  around 35 lbs. I have lost a few
Stretch marks? A few on my boobs. They are not bad so I think they will go away. Still none on my stomach but I have this weird white circle around my belly button. Maybe this means he is done cooking:)
Sleep: Sleeping rather well. Waking up several times a night but getting some good sleep.
Best moment this week: Finally getting a date of when this baby is gonna be here
Miss Anything? just being comfortable and not having to pee every five seconds.
still lots of alien movements. Had an nst done on Thurs. and he would not stop moving.
Food cravings: nothing!
Anything making you queasy or sick: No. food just doesn't sound yummy.
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs: Pressure, cramping, backache. I get it all but nothing timeable yet
Wedding rings on or off?  On and off
Happy or Moody:  Feeling pretty good and happy.
Looking forward to: Channing being here!!!

Dr. appt. : On the 31st at my  Dr's apt. I was dilated 1cm and 75% effaced. She said she could sweep my membranes at my next appointment if I wanted to. My blood pressure was high 160/100. I tried explaining I rushed to get there and had drank some pop ( which usually makes it higher).  They checked again before I left and it was still high. So off to L &D triage I went for tests and monitoring. I had no symptoms of pre-eclampsia so I wasn't really worried, but if my blood pressure didn't go down an induction would be a possibility. After 2 hours of monitoring me and the baby my blood pressure had went down to with in normal ranges with a few on the upper end of normal. Then Channing decided he didn't want to be monitored anymore and moved and my heart beat was picked up. So to be safe he was monitored longer and an ultrasound was ordered. In the end everything looked fine. He is measuring small, but this has been the case the whole time and I don't really get why they made it seem like somewhat of an issue now. Plus he weighed 5.6 lbs last week and was told that was good so who knows. I am offically on bed rest. Boring! 

At my next Dr's appointment another NST was done. There was some protein in my urine so they decided to do a 24 hour urine test and blood work again. Blood work came back good but there was enough protein in my urine to give me the status of mild pre-eclampsia. Baby was still looking good he is just measuring a week behind. This has been the norm for him from the beginning.  The Dr was more worried about me. She wanted Channing to have a little more time to develop so we decided to start induction with cervadil tonight and then pitocin in the morning, We did another cervical check and I was now 1.5 cm dilated and 75% effaced. a half cm in four days seemed pretty good to me. 

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