Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project Nursery: Furniture

If you remember back form this post we decided to go with the Tarva dresser from Ikea. It was budget friendly and easy to paint.
I decided I wanted to do an ombre look on the dresser. Since we can't paint the walls I wanted the furniture to have pops of colors. We chose to do just the drawers in varying shades of blue ( behr paint top:  ice cube, Middle: adriatic mist, Bottom:balmy seas ). Doing ombre on furniture is super easy just pick a paint ship with the varying shades of your color choice. All the guess work is done for you.

 We ditched the wood knobs that came with the dresser and picked up these brass knobs from Home Depot.

My only issue is the top and middle color are very similar. This wasn't the case on the swatch. I just don't think it was matched very well. Also, I thought I could get sample sizes in the blue paints but they only make them in flat paint..yuck!! So now i have all this left over paint. I also have to go back and stain the middle leg. Kinda forgot about that one.

We also got a small night stand (rast from ikea) for beside the rocker.

I decided to stain the bottom part below the door to help match the other pieces of furniture. The drawers are white ( i can't remember the exact shade)  and the side is our middle shade of blue
 ( adriatic mist). I still need two more knobs. Obviously pregnant women can't count correctly :)

We are finished with all the furniture projects except extra knobs and touch ups.
Here is what we have left to do in the nursery:
  • Finish putting up our map wall. I ran out of our paper with about 1 1/2 strips left. Frustrating!!! It is going to be a really cool back drop for his crib. I am excited to share it with you when it's finished.
  • Decorations put up. I have the wall above his changing table / dresser finished. I need to figure out what to put on the other walls. I think on our other large wall I want to put his newborn pictures. That will have to be a project at a later date. I am planning on having my mom help me finish the decorating when she gets here. 
  • Bedding- the blanket is all but finished. I need to finish the hem around the edge. My sewing machine was pissing me off so it was either break the machine or take a break from sewing. I will put a tutorial up on how I made it when it is finished. It is super easy if you have a cooperative sewing machine. I just need to do the crib skirt but wanted to wait till the crib is here so I know the measurements are 100% accurate.
  • These are the main things left to do everything else is just little things here are there.

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