Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nursery Plan

This past weekend was spent rearranging our bedroom. We needed to make room for the pack n play and our current layout just wasn't working. After taking the bed apart and removing pretty much everything in the room we then started bringing it all back in.  I used a room planner ( icovia ) to map out the new layout. It made everything so much easier. Our rooms are not huge so it's important to have something that is functional and still maximizes our space. I also reorganized the closet to allow for Eric's clothes to be moved from the extra bedroom to my closet. Now with our bedroom done it's time start organizing the babies room which is currently my office. This also means we will need to relocate and downsize my office :-/

Here is the layout we came up with for the babies room:

I spent alot of time trying to find a dresser I wanted to use in the babies room. I searched craigs list and some consignment shops. I wanted something modern and retro to fit with his baby bed.
The only thing we found that was even close to our price range was this.

the plan would be to paint it, but decided it would be way to much of an effort to get it where it needs to be before we could even think about painting it. That's when I decided to go with the Tarva from Ikea.  It has similar lines to the mid century piece I like but will be way easier to paint.
A few other pieces I would like to get from Ikea are the rast and the expedit shelving for extra storage.  The rast I want to put next to the rocker and I have a fun paint idea for it. The expedit we plan to add legs to look something like this, but without the drawers.

Here is what we have come up with so far for Channing's room.

1. misty and gray chevron curtains at $129 bucks these are out of the questions.
The fun thing about these is the chevron is in the fabric collection we are using for 
the bedding. These will be an easy diy using the Merete curtains from ikea and cost 
around $40 to make.
2. Nautical map wallpaper on the wall behind the crib. I was going to use a bunch of nautical charts but calculated it would cost about $130 for one wall.  No thanks! This wall paper should be much easier and since we are renting I have an idea of how to do the wall paper
 with out it being permanent :)
3. crib is from target and part of the babyletto collection
4. Tarva dresser will also be used as a changing table. We will paint it similar to the crib and add an ombre effect to the front and some brass knobs.
5. Bedding. This is the idea I came up with for the blanket. I'll also be doing a crib skirt using the blue strips and chevron fabric. The total cost for this should be about $70.
6. Herringbone rug from urban outfitters. You really can't beat $89 for a 5x7 rug.
7. Great grandmothers rocker redone in a gray linen fabric

Now to just find the time and money to start on these projects :)

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