Friday, January 25, 2013

37 weeks

 How far along? 37 weeks = Full Term!!!
Total weight gain:  37 lbs hoping things start to slow down. I have noticed my appetite has decreased a ton
Stretch marks? still none. I really hope I don't get them. I will be really disappointed if i get them in these last few weeks or after the baby is here.
Sleep:  still waking up alot during the night. I seem to sleep better and for longer periods during the day. Maybe this is just because I am exhausted from my restless sleep at night.
Best moment this week:  getting some medicine from my Dr. I have been in awful pain since this past weekend due to lovely pregnancy induced hemorrhoids. Apparently these are supposed to be more painful than childbirth. I guess this was a good test run to see what my pain tolerance is.
Miss Anything? having a normal sleep schedual
still a kicking, poking, moving machine
Food cravings: nothing i really crave. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: mexican food. doesn't make me sick or queasy but very unappetizing pretty much the whole pregnancy. I find this humorous since the bambino is part hispanic. We went to eat mexican the other day and i seriously was going to order a hamburger bc everything sounded so gross. I decided on nachos.
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs: alot more BH contractions but no consistency yet.
look at best moment of the week :/
Wedding rings on or off?  On and off
Happy or Moody:  Happy, nervous, emotional! You name it I am pretty much feeling it.
Looking forward to:  Monday I go get my maternity pictures taken :)

Dr. appt. : was quick and pretty much revolved around my ass. My blood pressure was up 140/90 but was most likely caused by the pain I was in. I was also dehydrated so I have been drinking water like a fish.  We also met with the pediatrician. I really like the Dr's office and Dr. Some of the things I like:
  • they have after hours nurses to answer phone calls
  • they have a separate wating room for sick patients
  • one of the pediatricians in the office will see Channing after he is born and do the circumcision (did you know there were two ways to do this?! i had no clue)
  • if our little guy is sick they will get him in that day. 
  • they will also work with me on a vaccine schedule that we want. I think a baby getting vaccinated for 8 things at once is over kill so we plan to space them out. If any of you have a delayed or alternative vaccine schedule I would love to see it.

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