Tuesday, October 2, 2012

nursery ideas

Since our lease is up at the end of Jan. the chances of us having a nursery done before the baby is here is pretty slim. I plan on having things pretty much together before the baby is here so I am ok with not having a nursery till after. That way when we get into a new place the major things will be done. It's not like he will be sleeping in there right away anyway.

We pretty much new from the beginning if we had a boy we wanted to use nautical pieces. Eric used to be in the navy so he really likes this idea. I don't like in your face themes so there will just be touches here and there. We will also be going with a cooler color scheme. Not your navy, green, and reds like you normally see. 

These are the colors we will be using. The first three are the main colors with the orange just begin used as a pop of color here and there.

Our crib is from the Babyletto line from target.

  1. I decided a long time ago I wanted to make my own baby bedding. Bedding sets are so expensive and seem to always come with a bumper ( no longer suggested to be used). I decided to make the crib skirt, a blanket, and I am going to try my hand at at least one sheet. I am hoping this will be way more economical. I had a really hard time finding fabric in the colors we liked. I finally came across Could 9 Fabrics in Simpatico.

These are the three main fabrics I plan to use. As well as some of this orange fabric for small details.

For the blanket my first intension was just to do it in all one fabric on the front and a different color for the binding. Now I may do a quilt. I want something a little more modern looking.
These are a few ideas I am thinking about. I may end up making my own pattern in the end.

We also plan to refurbish an old rocker that was my great grandmothers.

Here is a similar rocker so you can see what it will look like with batting, foam and fabric.

I would also like to do a library wall.

 These are the nursery ideas so far. I will try to update with more inspiration and ideas ever week or so.

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