Monday, October 1, 2012

gender reveal and a name

On friday we had our anatomy scan. The sonographer was really great and explained everything to us as she was doing it. She did all the measurements first before getting to the gender. The baby wasn't being completely corporative and kept wiggling away during measurements. Everything seemed good from her perspective. She did say that the our Dr will most likely have us come in for another scan because the way the baby was laying she couldn't get a good view of all four chambers of the heart. We did not get any pictures of his profile. She said if we come back she will get some better pictures for us.

So then the fun part. She asked us what we wanted. I told her I would be happy either way, but was hoping for a boy. After a couple minutes she said, " I think those are boy parts". She looked from a different position and it defiantly was a boy. She said if it turned out to be a girl to make sure to come and tell her because she needed to quit her job.  :) We are really excited to be having a boy. We went straight Pottery barn kids and Gymboree to buy a few things. Eric handed me a handful of things at gymboree before I even went through one wrack of clothes. This kid is bound to have a clothing and shoe obsession like his mommy and daddy.

baby dancing on my bladder

Besides actually being able to buy gender specific things I was really looking forward to giving our little guy a name. We had two boy names picked out (Austin and Channing) and one girl name. 
We had a pretty difficult time picking out the name at first! I thought we were never going to agree on one! I love unique names! My name is fairly unique and I loved never having to share a name with someone else in my school or work. Eric, on the other hand, likes unique but our unique names were not sitting well with the other.

We both pretty much agreed on Austin from the beginning. It is a name that I have always loved and since Eric grew up in Austin he had an immediate love for the name as well. I think there were several days I spent looking at names on line. Going one page after another finding nothing. Let me just tell you  how annoying these name sites are. There are so many names like Abadukrahman that would never be an option. I could not get them out the search no matter how I searched. Or when you click on unique names. To me a name does not constitute a unique title just because you change the spelling ( allison to alyson or kennedy to kenneedie). Seriously, are you kidding me! I think on about the 100th time of going through names I came across Channing. Let me tell you, yes I am a Channing Tatum fan. Bottom line he is hott and I don't know to many women that think other wise. Hearing his name I was never like, " omg, I love that name I am so going to name my kid that". I have no clue why this day the name set well with me. I told Eric about the name. He liked it but wasn't in love with it. Eric is really into the meaning of names so I looked up the meaning. Apparently it has two meanings, a church official and little wolf. Once I saw little wolf I new Eric would now fall in love with the name. I casually told him the meaning of Channing. My scheming paid of and he magically loved the name as well. 

Even though we had two boy names picked out I think we both felt that if we had a boy his name would be Channing. If we have another son we will name him Austin. So we decided on a first name. Deciding on a middle name was complete hell for me. Nothing was sitting well.

both were middle names at one point, but it just didn't sit well with my heart. We had picked a few others, but they only lasted a matter of seconds before I again changed my mind.
Middle names I liked Eric didn't and visa versa. I liked
Weston and Tyler
he was very blah about the names.
He liked Gunner and some other name that I forgot as soon as he said it.
I was blah about using them for middle names. 
We both liked Phoenix but immediately decided it sounded way to hippy. 
Then about three weeks ago a miracle happened. I mentioned a name that I thought he would turn down immediately. He actually said he really liked that name. WOOHOO!! We picked a middle name that actually set well with me. That I could see our baby being. This was a huge relief for Eric. I think he was getting a little irritated with my non-commitment to a middle name.  
So we will be naming our little boy.

Channing Hunter Kerr 

I  hope you all love this name as much as we do. And I sooo
 just realized we used two gender neutral names. Weird!  

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