Thursday, August 16, 2012

baby announcement

I have spent weeks and weeks trying to come up with a creative way to announce our Pregnancy to those we had not told yet. I found several cute ideas on Pinterest, but didn't want to just copy the idea. I ended up using a phrase I found on Pinterest but changed the idea up some.

I really wanted to include something with my furry baby. I had several ideas I played around with but Toby just wasn't in the picture taking mood. I finally got him to just lay down and this is ended up being our favorite. :) thanks for the booties Katelyn!!!

We also had our second Dr's apt today. I was really excited to hear the babies heart beat (which sounded great) and we also received another ultrasound. It is pretty amazing how much a baby changes in just a short amount of time. He (we think it's a boy) no longer looks like an alien baby.

I also found out that I am a carrier of Group B Strep (GBS). I was told that 30% of women are carriers and as long as I receive the antibiotic when I go into labor everything should be ok. I am not too sure how I feel about this seeing how we have family experience with GBS that didn't go so great. I am   doing my best to keep a positive attitude and not worry and stress over it.  Not like that will do me any good anyway.

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