Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Ultrasound....9 weeks

The day finally arrived. The day I had been waiting for. And now that it was here, I was dreading it. I got into my usual nervous phase, where I don't talk, ignore anything anyone is saying to me and just want to barf...all day. We were leaving at 2:00 to head to the Dr's and I swear the morning dragged on and on and on. When we finally got into the car, it took everything I had in me not to vomit all over. I was so freaking nervous!!!!

So we get to the Dr's check in and wait. And wait some more. And yes, wait even longer! I know we didn't wait very long, but to me it felt like forever. I was nervous that there would either be twins ( thanks to my mom and her string test) or there would be nothing. I was ready for the worst. I was ready for an empty uterus and that no baby alien lived inside of me. I was ready to find out I had some rare disease that produced pregnancy hormones, but no baby is created. I was prepared to find out that my uterus wasn't actually a uterus... it was just an empty basketball court or something crazy like that. But then I saw it. I saw this black empty space and a wiggly alien looking baby. I immediately said, " aww look its moving its little arms and legs". It sounds so lame to me that those were my first words about our baby on the screen. Like I was looking at a sweet little puppy or something. The ultra sound tech then showed me the heart beat on the screen. She told me I wouldn't be able to hear it today that she wouldn't be using a doppler to calculate the bpm (which was 164). LAME!!! I was looking forward to the chance of hearing the heart beat, but at least I could see the little bean moving around. The tech did a few measurements and snapped some pictures. She said the baby was measuring 9 weeks 2 days which would put me right on track of my due date, Feb. 15th 2013.  She said everything looked really good and they would do another ultrasound at 20 weeks. Ugh!!! 20 weeks seems way to long to me. I'm hoping I will get another before then. I would like to see the change the baby goes through. If not I guess I will live. :)

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