Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pee on a stick...everything changes

Some women have a hunch. Some women feel sick. Some women notice peeing a lot more. Some women have no idea and constantly buy the D-Day sticks to pee on to know what the heck is going on in their body. I (surprising myself) feel into the first category.  I was tired (extremely tired), peeing way more than usual, and I was just feeling over all different. I didn't even think that I could be pregnant. I decided to die my hair and that's when it hit me. I had used the same color tons of times, but this time it turned out way different. Hmmmm....some where along the line I remembered hearing somewhere that pregnancy hormones could change the color of your hair when dying it. I decided why not take a test. We had plans to go out the next night for Eric's B-day and thought if there was any chance I could be pregnant that I shouldn't be drinking and celebrating like I normally would.  So I did what every woman does pee and wait. I was so sure I wasn't pregnant ( I was on the pill after all) I completely forgot about it and finished drying my hair. Then I randomly looked down and there were two bright pink lines. The only thing I can remember was thinking "OH SHIT". Right after my oh shit moment my soon to be husband arrived home from soft ball. I know I had to be acting strange. I mean this stick just changed my whole life in a matter of minutes. I wanted to be positive that the result was right.  So I did the whole routine over again. No change still 2 pink lines. 

Now I had to tell Eric, but how........ I was nervous, extremely nervous. I knew he wouldn't be  upset , but lord was I freaking out inside. Of course my super intuitive husband knew something wasn't right with me. He kept asking if I was ok or if I needed to talk.  Heck yes I needed to talk, but couldn't find the way to say those three little words. Finally, after much probing and questioning from his end I told him I had an early birthday present for him, "you're going to be dad". He got a huge smile on his face and we went back and forth with the "your kidding" "No, I'm for real" debacle.  The whole evening I kept trying to tell myself I wasn't really pregnant they were just faulty tests. I decided the next day to go get another brand just to be 100% sure and this is what I saw.

I guess you can't really deny that. As much as I have always wanted to be a mother, we were definitely not trying to have a baby any time soon.  We like to call ourselves the 1%...the 1% of people who get pregnant while on the birth control pill.  So to say this pregnancy was a surprise is the understatement of the year...we were in complete shock. Even though we weren't exactly planning on this little one coming so soon, we are thrilled! Every baby is a miracle, and ours is no different. God knew this was the right time for this baby to come. We are so excited to meet our little bean! I've already had two doctor appointments, and the baby is growing strong and healthy! I'm going to be updating this blog more often as a sort of pregnancy journal. I know that I'm not the first woman on the planet to get pregnant, but this is the first time for me! I want to remember it all! ;)

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