Thursday, April 11, 2013

Post baby body

Let's be real.... I am not an actress nor a model. From the side I look like a normal healthy human being. From straight on is a total different story. No one tells you that after the baby is here the left over weight is carried in a way you never thought possible for you body. IT SUCKS!!! You're still fat. You will need new clothes after you've had this kid because you'll be sort of second trimester doughy for a while. This is yet another reason I hate those damn models and actresses that are wafer thin 10 minutes after they've given birth because it isn't realistic. Everything is very different when you can hand your baby off to a nanny and have a personal trainer up in your face everyday. Pilates and brown rice my ass. Stupid starlets. Except Heidi Klum. I love Heidi Klum and that bitch earned her wings. Society puts unneeded pressure on us mom's to lose weight and look fab the min the baby pops out. For some reason we let this happen and it's just not far to us.

Even looking at other Mommy bloggers it seems the only ones that actually have postpartum body posts had super hott body's and amazing genes to begin with. I unfortunately, like many, have not had this luxury. I think it is important to get real with ourselves and see what it is really like after having a baby. Not what its like for the rich and famous or the lucky ones. This is why I will start making bi-weekly posts on my progress to get my pre-baby body back. Let me just warn you. I am going to be self critical because I know what my body can look like. I also know what kind of work I had to put in to lose close to 35lbs before I even had a baby. Having to lose weight all over again sucks hard core!!! It's depressing and pisses me off all at the same time.

This is what my stomach looked like when I found out I was pregnant.

This is what it looked like 4 days after having Channing.

and 7 weeks postpartum 

I have lost 15 lbs so far. This is pretty annoying because I was under the impression you leave the hospital losing at least this much. I still have between 20 - 25 lbs to lose. I think breastfeeding has helped to a certain point but not a whole lot :(
I think the hardest thing to deal with is the weight I am carrying in my lower stomach. I have never had an issue with love handles or a muffin top. It is very frustrating trying to find something to wear. I have two pair of pants that fit. The rest look so gross on if I can even get them over my hips.  I went to the mall the other day hoping to get a pair of pants and a pair of shorts. It was an epic failure!!! I was a size 6/8 before the baby. I thought a 10 would work...HAHA. Man did I feel like crap when I put those on. My fat and loose skin still hung over. There was no way I was buying a size 12. I decided I would just have to deal with the pants that fit and just wear dresses all summer long. 
Is it weird at that moment I wanted the pregnant body back?! At least it was an excuse to have a tummy. I guess the fact I just had a baby is an excuse as well :/ The important thing for me is to look good and feel good in my clothes. I know they say give yourself 9 months to take off the weight and it can take a year for your hips to go back to normal.

Here is my game plan for losing the weight:
1. eat healthy - this has been hard. I could care less for real food right now but could devour sweets for every meal. I also tend to not eat enough which has a huge problem for me when trying to lose weight. I plan on posting some yummy healthy recipes I have tried on pinterest.
2. exercise - I want to get back into exercising slowly. I can't afford to be extremely sore when taking care of Channing. I have been doing some small circuit training exercising and doing Tracy Anderson's Post pregnancy videos. Once the weather is nicer I plan on getting in some daily walks with Channing. 

My biggest challenge right now is finding the time to exercise. Our little guy fights sleep all day long. This makes for a long day. When I do get him down for a nap I usually am trying to get stuff done around the house. In the end I think I am going to have to find exercises I can do while baby wearing.

I'd love to hear what any of you have done to rid yourself of the extra baby weight.

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