Tuesday, April 9, 2013

one and two month favorites

As promised, a list of things I could not live without in the first few months with out little guy.

Miracle Blanket - This thing is the bomb!! Channing was an escape artist until this blanket. We have lots of swaddling blankets but they just wouldn't keep his arms in.  He never gets his arms out of this one and sleeps so much better.

Aveeno Baby Lotion - This is the only lotion that we have tried so far that doesn't break out our little guy. It also does wonders on clearing up baby acne and rashes. I apply it a few times a day when a rash is coming on and by the end of the day it is all cleared up.

Bobby - We used this from day one. It is great for breastfeeding. Channing also loves snuggling in it for short naps during the day. You can also position it around their feet when they are sleeping. It helps then feel more secure. 

Changing Pad Liners - Seriously everyone needs a few of these! The liners are so much easier then having to change the changing pad cover and washing it every time there is an accident. Just simply throw on a new liner. It also protects your cover from fading from all those washes you would have to do other wise.

Exfoliating Cleansing Towelettes - When you have a baby around some times taking the time to wash and exfoliate your face is impossible. These are from target and their up & up brand. They come in cucumber and apricot (smells so yummy). They work wonders at removing makeup. The fact they exfoliate at the same time is a major plus.

My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Swing - This swing has been a life saver. It keeps Channing entertained long enough so I can get some things done. He really likes the projected light up stars and lambs. A major plus is you can plug it in to save on batteries.

Naked Juice - These are packed with fruits and veggies, they are filling and sooo yummy. With being so busy with a baby  these are my meals on most days.

I hope this is helpful for first time and soon to be mommas. 
And just for fun a picture of our little guy. Isn't he cute!!

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