Friday, December 14, 2012

31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks.
Total weight gain:  total weight gain 25.2 lbs. Only gained a lb this week. I am hoping the weight gain slows down now. I will most likely end up weighing around 35 lbs. I still don't look huge so I don't care.
Stretch marks? None yet! I am really worried they are going to pop up the last month. If i do get them I just hope it's not bad
Sleep:  Still sleeping well. I think I am pretty lucky here. My acid reflux still bothers me some when I sleep but medicine and adding a few pillows under my head has helped.
Best moment this week:  This past weekend we house/dog sat for a friend in the springs. It was so nice to just have to take a quick drive to run errands. We also just spent the weekend relaxing and cuddling in bed watching tv. Sometimes it is nice to just do nothing. When the baby comes these moments won't be as frequent. We are soaking it up while we can.
Miss Anything? the ease of getting dressed. It really sucks some days trying to find something to wear. I am lucky that most days I can just through on a shirt and yoga pants. It is much more comfortable.
Movement: He is a moving machine! Eric was shocked with my lopsided belly the other day and Channing's crazy movement. I am hoping that he has flipped because I have been feeling more movement up high and in my ribs. One night I swear he was standing on my back and practicing his boxing skills on my stomach
Food cravings: I would love to sit down and drink a whole thing of dr. pepper. It is so freaking satisfying right now.
Anything making you queasy or sick: My acid reflux was really bad the other day and was making me sick. Booo
Gender:  Boy
Labor Signs: nothing major yet. The dr. checked me at my last visit since I will be traveling. He is still up high and everything is still the way it should be.
acid reflux and just pressure in my lower stomach because he is so low.
Wedding rings on or off?  On but tight. I went from a size 8 ring to a 6.5 before I got pregnant. I am pretty sure my fingers want to go back to looking like little sausages.
Happy or Moody:  Happy, but starting to freak out a little. Feb. will be here before ya know it and I feel like I will go early or right around the due date.
Looking forward to: Flying home today. Not looking forward to the whole traveling thing but it shouldn't be to bad as we will only have one layover. Hopefully this time our connecting flight isn't on the other end of the airport so we have time to get something to eat. Last time we almost missed our flight because our phones didn't change time. We thought we had all this time to get food.

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