Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ob vs Midwife

When I first found out I was pregnant I had no reservations about using an OB.  The further I go through pregnancy, the more Dr's appointments I have, and the more researching I do I have slowly begun to change my mind. If you read the Dr's apt. update on my 24 week post you know I have only seen my OB once. The rest of the times it has been the Nurse Practitioner. 
Here are the issues I am having with keeping a Dr:
  • only seeing the Dr once so far. They try to get you in to see the Dr every other visit. Obviously, for whatever reason, this has not been case. The one time I did meet with the Dr was my second visit. I must say... I did like her. She was way more put together then the scatterbrained NP they have me seeing. She always seems like she is in a huge rush and I always have to remind her of things that she should be reminding me off ( like getting a flu shot).  The way the practice works I may not even get my Dr when I go into labor. So getting to know this Dr and her ideologies may be pointless in the end.
  • lack of time at Dr's appointments. I guess I should have expected this. I feel like everything that goes on in my 10 min Dr's apt. could be done at home. Just give me a doppler to monitor the heart rate. I can take my own blood pressure. Unless I have something serious going on there is no point. I guess I was expecting a more nurturing aspect to the appointments. 
  • higher risk of interventions during labor. I always new this to be so but it has really been weighing heavy on me for what ever reason. I don't want to be rushed or pressured into things because it is convenient for the Dr. I absolutely do NOT want pitocin. Unless it can save mine or the babies life no thank you. In no way am I interested in having very unnatural contractions. I am also further concerned with interventions being put on me because I am GBS+.  I tend to have a slight type A personality. I do not like being in control of my body. So it's really important that I have a say so in my birth.

These are the main things that bother me with having a Dr vs a midwife. Using a midwife would eliminate these factors. A midwife:
  • will see midwife every time
  • Relationship is professional, but also more personal and nurturing. Are known for longer appointments to answer questions and to guide you through this major life event.
  • the use of interventions declines greatly when using a midwife. 
  • I can still give birth in a hospital. In no way do I want to do a home birth. I really wish there was a birthing center here. I think that would be a perfect in between.

Another reason for my change in thoughts is I have decided to try to do it all natural. In no way do I feel like I need a gold star at the end. If I end up needing an epi. or pain meds oh well. From what I have read you feel much better after giving birth when you don't have an epidural and the baby is less likely to be groggy because of it's side effects. The majority of the women in my family did it natural so why can't I. I have also been doing alot of reading on managing pain.
The two books I am currently reading are :
  • Mindful Birthing by Nancy Bardacke it has many exercises on breathing and using the breath to keep you present in the moment. Instead of focusing on what has just happened or will happen next. There is also alot of looking at things in a more positive light. The way it explained pain was pretty cool and really put it into perspective. It makes so much sense when reading it and could really be applied to lots of things not just birthing.
  • Birthing from Within by Pam England this book has alot of similar ideas as the first. I think the main thing to bring away from this book is Birthing From Within means really listening to your own story, your own art, your own family and trying to take steps that are best for your baby and yourself. There is no formula. There is no one right way.
There are a few more books I want to read. One is Ina May's guide to childbirth. I also want to do Hypnobabies. It is basically learning to self hypnotize and once again using positive thinking .  It also really makes sense after reading about it. I'll do a whole post on it later to explain further.

Part of me thinks I should just stay with a Dr this time and see how the experience goes. If it wasn't what I really wanted then I can go  a different route next time. I just wish this wasn't weighing so heavy on me. I feel like if I stay with a Dr I will be really disappointed in the outcome. If I do stay with a Dr I am seriously considering getting a Doula ( a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during, or after childbirth, as well as her partner and/or family by providing information, physical assistance, and emotional support). I think nursing school made me very keen on this idea. I think the fact that they are there to advocate for you and your wishes and not what is protocol  is very important.

Have any of you used a midwife or doula? I welcome advice on this topic :)

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