Friday, September 21, 2012

19 weeks

How far along? 19 weeks
Total weight gain:  total weight gain 6.1 lbs. Some how I lost .9 lbs this week. Have no idea how. Oh well!
Maternity clothes? Still in regular clothes besides the few tank tops I bought.  There are seriously comfy. 
Stretch marks? Still trying to use my lotions. I know it's mostly based on genes, but I am holding out hope.
Sleep: Past few nights I have been waking up more than usually. Overall, still pretty good sleep.
Best moment this week: I think I finally felt the baby move. I was getting pretty aggravated with it. I wasn't feeling to hot yesterday so I had a glass of orange juice and laid on the couch while Eric was in the shower. I know I wouldn't have felt anything if it wasn't for my hand being on my stomach. I felt a thump on my pinky finger and about 5 min. later a thump on my palm. I can find no other explanation  other than it was the baby. 
Miss Anything? Really other than the usual there isn't anything new.
Movement: i think so :)
Food cravings:  My cravings have pretty much been what I always craved before I was pregnant. I did get a yummy pumpkin pie at the store and boy does it taste yummy!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I have been eating some sushi and this week the texture got to me. I can't believe I would ever say sushi makes me queasy.
Gender Predictions: Still boy. I have bought a  few things that are gender neutral, but I buy with the intention of it being a boy. I like to think " if you build it, he will come". :)
Labor Signs: Nope!   
Symptoms: Nothing new same old stuff
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Next friday is our a/s (20 week ultrasound). I am very excited to finally find out the sex, but nervous at the same time. This is when they will check to see if everything seems physically ok with the baby and that everything is growing like it should. This freaks me out. I hate things that are out of my control. Guess I need to get used to the idea seeing how pregnancy is not always in your full control :-/

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