Monday, August 20, 2012

So Long First Trimester!

My first trimester was really easy...almost to the point that I was constantly questioning myself if I really was pregnant. Up until week 7 the only symptom I had was severe fatigue. I was constantly falling asleep. It was all I could do to stay awake. It also seemed like most of my favorite foods either gave me indigestion or just no longer seemed appetizing. All this changed on the very day I turned 7 weeks. I woke up very nauseous every morning. That week was hell!!! All I could do was sit very still or lay down. Any movement at all and I felt like I was going to upchuck. Seriously, I HATE being nauseous! I would rather be beaten with a stick or ran over by a mac truck. I really wanted nothing to eat during this time. Any food at all sounded disgusting and completely unappetizing. I think I was pretty much force fed several times by Eric. He can be relentless!!!

At the end of week 8 I was starting to feel better, but the queasiness still loomed. Then because of a busy weekend I found the main culprit of my lovely morning sickness ( FYI this is a very stupid name and should be called, " I am going to make your life hell all day sickness"). I am notorious for forgetting to take pills and for two days I completely forgot about my prenatal vitamins. For those two days I felt great and thought I had officially finished having morning sickness. I started taking my vitamins again and with in 15 min felt like crap. I jumped online and did some research. Apparently, this is pretty normal for women to react to the prenatal vitamins like this. The cure....flintstone vitamins!!! Can you say EXCITED!!! I love these things and often wished I could go back in time so I could take them again. The Dr said it was fine for me to take them as long as I took 2 to equal the 800 mcg of folic acid I needed. Happy dance!!!

Since the beginning of week 9 and the start of my flintstone vitamin regime I have felt pretty awesome. So far pregnancy has been extremely easy for me and seems to suite me. I alway thought I would be sick forever like the rest of my family seemed to be. I guess this is a plus for always doing things opposite of what everyone else does (even if I didn't mean to).  :)

I thought it would be fun to create a list of things I couldn't live with out during my first trimester.

Strawberries and Peaches - these where pretty much the only things that tasted very good. I think I ate them for every snake and meal.

Coconut Oil and Vit. E Oil I know they say it is very much hereditary whether or not you get stretch marks...but I figured it's better to try to prevent then do nothing. I use the vitamin E oil all the time. It is also supposed to help with fading stretch marks. I use the coconut oil on occasion because I noticed it was drying out my skin. I really love the slight coconut smell though. I have also started using mustella double action stretch mark cream. I have heard really great things about it.

Ginger Root - While I was sick I made ginger tea from the root. It was super easy and cheaper then buying the tea packets! Just cut a chunk off the root and boil in water for 3-5 min. I then would add some honey to sweeten it. It did seem to help take the edge of the nauseousness.

Spaghetti Sauce - I had Eric make his spaghetti sauce and this was all I ate for weeks. It was the only thing that had any flavor at all. I was having a huge aversion to any meats. It looked, smelled, and tasted disgusting. I ate pasta for weeks and drank protein shakes to get my protein in. It really sucks being so picky when that is not the norm for me.

Water Bottle - It is recommended that you drink a bazillion glasses of water a day. Especially since I live in such a dry climate. Before I got pregnant there were days I think I drank a total of two glasses of water. For some reason I just forget to drink water during the day. I bought a huge water bottle and fill it up everyday and do my best to drink the whole thing. This has seemed to help because I can see exactly how much water I have drank and if i need to drink more.

Happiest Baby On The Block - I heard a lot of great things about this book and decided to read it. It was a really quick read and had lots of helpful tips on dealing with fussy/colicie babies. There are a lot of points in this book that make a lot of since that you don't even think about until you read it. I really think this is a must read for those that are pregnant or just had a baby.

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